Stan Mortensen still complaining about the ‘Stanley Matthews Final’ from beyond the grave

Stan Mortensen can’t seem to get over the fact that Blackpool’s 4-3 FA Cup victory over Bolton Wanderers in 1953 is referred to as ‘The Stanley Matthews Final’, despite the fact he scored a hat-trick in the bloody game.

Mortensen died in 1981 but has been unable to pass over to the other side as a result of his resentment to Matthews for clearly stealing his thunder.

Matthews did a little bit of dribbling in the match up against left half Eric Bell, who was playing with a torn hamstring, while Mortensen bust his ass to drag his team from 3-1 down back to 3-3 before Bill Perry converted the winner.

Matthews, who was nearly 40 or whatever, as if that means something playing against coal miners and WW2 veterans, took the plaudits while Mortensen’s contribution remains largely forgotten.

And last week Stan interrupted a seance in Blackpool to remind everyone that if it wasn’t for him, Blackpool would have won nothing and asked those looking to make contact with loved ones to create a petition to have the name changed.

Matthew’s ghost was unavailable to emerge from the light to pass comment.