Leeds hit back at Derby: We can’t spy on your tactics if you don’t have any

A furious Leeds United have responded to accusations of spying on Derby County’s training session ahead of their recent meeting, insisting that they would only have benefited if Frank Lampard’s side actually knew what tactics were.

Frank Lampard’s Derby TM were completely outclassed by Marcelo Bielsa’s side, with the Argentine guru admitted he had sent a scout to assess part of Derby’s preparations prior to the clash.

But the report he received was just a blank piece of paper, the scout insisting that the players were instead practising deflected free-kicks, slamming penalties down the middle and pointing to the sky, in the style of their inimitable boss.

A bemused Bielsa then sent the scout back to attempt to shout some instructions over the fence, such was his embarrassment at the tactical ineptitude of his opponents.

A slew of totally under-qualified mouthpieces were wheeled out to condemn Leeds for their actions, including the unpopular Stuart Pearce, who demanded the match be replayed.

When Pearce was reminded that he once sent on David James, a goalkeeper, for the closing minutes of a match in the absence of any other tactical ideas, ‘Psycho’ slithered back into the TalkSport pit from whence he came.