Fans furious as Max Rushden absolutely refuses to take football as seriously as them

A section of disgruntled football fans are up in arms at the continued existence of Max Rushden, suggesting that his jovial attitude and insistence that football is only a game sits in opposition to their miserable lives.

The former Bid TV frontman currently hosts the Guardian’s Football Weekly podcast and gives off an air that football might not be the most important thing going on in the world that week.

The current Gaviscon voiceover supremo enjoys a laugh and a joke on the show with Barry Glendenning and whichever other journalists want to discuss the most recent events in a light-hearted atmosphere.

But that isn’t good enough for a cross-section of Twitter anonymongrels seeking an explanation from the Fantasy Football reject, who are demanding to know why he takes the travails of their particular teams with such…. context.

The Soccer AM reject – often described as ‘Tim Lovejoy lite’ by people who must really hate him – is facing a backlash from the group, who reside largely in places where women are not.

And Rushden’s likely response of taking it on the chin and responding in a courteous and conscientious manner is only likely to rile the group further, as they seek meaning beyond which full-back they could sign in the next transfer window.

Rushden was probably available for comment. We didn’t want to bother him.