Axl Rose tells Tottenham’s stadium builders: We had Chinese Democracy released by now

Guns N Roses frontman and supposed Tottenham concernee Axl Rose has hit out at Daniel Levy and the club’s board for the current stadium debacle, telling them in no certain terms: We made Chinese Democracy quicker than this!

The drug-addled wastrel notoriously took so long to produce his band’s follow-up album that it became a running joke in the music industry until its eventual release in 2008, a long fucking time after it was supposed to come out.

With Tottenham fans currently left in limbo after their club took a bunch of builders at their word, not knowing when they will move into their new gaff, Rose reckons that they are seriously taking the piss.

Rose, who once took so long to arrive on stage that his band broke up and reformed before he reached the microphone, said of Spurs’ tardiness: “I mean come on, dude.

“I know I started writing Chinese Democracy before the internet was invented but it’s nothing compared to how those loyal Tottenham fans have been treated, with delay after delay.

“At some point you just have to say, enough is enough.”

Rose then had to run, realising he was running eleven years late for the album release party for Chinese Democracy.