Sky Sports to broadcast from Elland Road whether Leeds playing or not

Sky Sports have taken the controversial decision to broadcast from Elland Road every weekend, irrespective of whether there is a Leeds game taking place or not.

Sky Sports’ Championship coverage is centred almost entirely around the Yorkshire club as it is, with virtually every match they can get away with broadcast live.

Leeds fans are regularly asked to attend matches at every other time other than 3pm on a Saturday, to allow Sky to milk the Marching on Together cash cow for everything it is worth.

Other fans, not realising how irrelevant their own clubs are in the debate, also regularly moan that the profit-driven organisation are only keen to secure as many viewers as possible, instead of showing something like Rotherham v Bolton, the type of match that not even Rotherham and Bolton players would miss an appointment to watch.

And so Sky have said that in order to keep the Leeds fans engaged, they plan to have a studio and random ex-player standing around on the pitch in the hope that a channel-hopping fan may stop by and start singing ‘Stand up if you hate Man U’ long enough to squeeze in an ad break.