Meme nicked from somewhere else ‘key factor’ in following betting site, claims simpleton

A self-proclaimed savvy football Twitter user has said that the sharing of a rather funny meme on a UK betting feed prompted him to follow and sign up to the bookmaker, pledging allegiance to their edgy brand of humour.

After a hilarious Premier League moment where an assistant referee was struck in the testicles by the ball at close range, the bookie instinctively tweeted ‘New Balls Please’, followed by a few emojis of what appeared to be a face laughing intensely.

This piece of totally unique humour had in fact been tweeted by well over 100,000 other people in that moment, including every betting company, meme site, and general shitmuncher in the 10 minutes following the incident.

But the fan felt that the bookie in question most adequately distilled the comedy of the moment, instantly, liking, retweeting, following, and opting for their generous £10 free sign-up offer.

The statement will be a huge boost to the social accounts of bookmakers, who will be convinced that their approach is working rather than being a constant stain on the very fabric of the game, one that anyone with any kind of intellect would see is cheap, insidious, and just, well, shite.